Snow UK accumulation: How much snow has fallen in the UK?

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How much snow has fallen in the UK?

The UK gets on average 23.7 days of snow fall or sleet in a year and most of this snow falls on higher ground where temperatures are lower. 

The country has experienced its coldest winter since 1991, as strengthening winds caused by Storm Emma have caused blizzards and drifting snow in some parts, bringing roads to a standstill and leaving commuters facing travel disruption. 

The Met Office has said the highest level of snow was recorded at Drumalbin, Scotland where 50cm of the white stuff has been recorded, 45cm was measured in Bishopton, outside of Glasgow, 26cm in Wittering, Cambridgeshire and 16cm in Yeovilton, Somerset. 

Up to 4inches (10cm) has been recorded in Ireland counties in the east.

Several inches of snow was reported in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and further north, with lower levels reported in the Midlands.

A red alert has been issued for Ireland and Met Eireann has upgraded its advice to the highest level.

Around 24,000 homes and businesses in Ireland have been left without power, the stock exchange was shut and all schools were closed and transport ground to a halt with all flights cancelled from Dublin airport. 

According to latest weather maps, by 12pm on Friday, between one to 5cm will have fallen in the south-east, 35cm in southern Wales, 32cm in south-west England, 13cm in northern Wales and between 1-7cm elsewhere in the country. 

Snow UK accumulation:WXCharts

Snow UK accumulation: This map shows the amount of snow to accumulate by 11pm on Friday

Snow UK

Snow UK accumulation: Snow depth as of 4am and 7pm on Saturday

By midnight on Saturday, accumulations of 40cm will have built up in south-west England, 50cm in southern Wales and between 5-17cm in south-east England. 

Weather conditions have worsened after Storm Emma collided with cold air from the ‘Beast from the East’, with the BBC warning of more “dangerous weather conditions are on the cards.” 

Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates said: "We are not out of the woods yet.

"There's further snow to come, as well as a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain.

Snow UK accumulation:WXCharts

Snow UK accumulation: 50cm of snow has been measured in Scotland