Italian election: Berlusconi says 'REVOLUTION' is coming as Italy prepares to vote

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The ex-prime minister and leader of Forza Italia was appearing with Matteo Salvini, head of coalition partner Lega, at a press conference.

Describing him as a fellow rebel, the pair 

Berlusconi said: "A revolution in this country. And we are different kinds of rebels. There is one that is perhaps more revolutionary. That’s our Matteo (Salvini)."

Berlusconi also hit out at ex-PM Matteo Renzi, who is leader of the Democratic Party, and ruled out a deal with his pro-EU rival.

He said: ”We will be a single force of aggression on left. It takes a revolution and we are revolutionaries. Our programs are incompatible.”


GETTYBerlusconi hailed him and his coalition partner Matteo Salvini as revolutionaries

The pair were in high spirits ahead of the vote with Berlusconi 81, wiping Salvini’s forehead and saying “you sweat too much”.

Berlusconi has served as Italy's prime minister four times but is barred from holding public office until 2019 because of a 2013 tax fraud conviction.

He also said the European Parliament President Antonio Tajani would be his choice to head any future government, a moderate figure who would reassure EU capitals alarmed by the anti-European rhetoric coming from Berlusconi's allies.

Berlusconi said: ”I know it's a shame to take Antonio Tajani away from Europe, but it's in the best interest of Italy.”

The pair were in high spirits at the press conference yesterdaySG

The pair were in high spirits at the press conference yesterday

Pollsters predict a hung parliament, with former prime minister Berlusconi's alliance of centre-right groups emerging as the largest bloc, while 5-Star looks certain to be the biggest single party.

The ruling centre-left Democratic Party (PD) is paying the price of an anaemic economic recovery following the worst recession since World War Two and could end up in third place.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega